Vision & Values

What Churches Mutual stands for and aims to achieve


We believe that it is God’s will that everyone should be able to enjoy “life in all its fullness” (John 10.10). This implies the opportunity for you to participate fully in your community, regardless of your level of wealth or financial skills. In addition, we find in the life of Jesus a particular concern for those who are on the margins of society, disadvantaged by its structures or exploited by the powerful.  

Our beliefs stimulated us to set up a credit union to provide financial services in a way that was not exploitative. Such a credit union will do good by its own activities but also could be an example of how the credit union model could enrich communities.

Our beliefs and convictions are summed up in our vision:

Churches Mutual seeks to serve its members in Great Britain, using a well-managed, ethical and mutual model, based on Christian values of love for our neighbour and stewardship for God’s planet, to enhance the lives of individuals through mutually beneficial savings, affordable and transparent credit and accessible financial education.  


Our vision is underpinned by ten values:




and Educative



Mutual and





Christian Imperative
Love, stewardship, openness, honesty, impartiality and equality
We do not invest or financially deal with controversial companies that trade in arms dealing or harmful substances such as tobacco and alcohol.
Ecologically and economically
Serving Christian denominations in Great Britain
Mutual and Cooperative
Beneficial for both savers and borrowers; fair and affordable credit
As neighbours, savers and borrowers, denominations
Not-for-profit organisation, managed by members for members, approachable and empathetic
WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get), no hidden charges, no mid-contract price rises, no early settlement fees
Efficient, responsive, commercially responsible, solutions-driven, multi-disciplinary and ecumenical board committed to high professional standards
Communicative and Educative
Clear, unambiguous, relevant and accessible

Rule Book

Here you can download the most recent version of our Credit Union Rulebook.

As a member of Churches Mutual Credit Union, you are entitled to access its Rulebook, which the Credit Union must abide by. It reinforces the Credit Union’s main objectives and includes rules about accounts, audits, rule amendments, nominations, elections, shares, loans, membership details and much more.

Why Churches Mutual?

Ethical • Competitive • Friendly • Transparent

We offer competitive, affordable loans and ethical savings to lay or ordained ministers, employees or trustees associated with our partner churches. Our friendly personal service provides direct access to a member of our expert, impartial staff advisors.

Monday to Friday – 9.00am to 1.30pm

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(Closed Weekends and Bank Holidays)

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