Regular Saver

The way to build up savings through regular monthly contributions

How to start saving

What you can afford – take a look at your monthly budget and aim for an amount that is affordable so you can allow it to build up without missing the money or needing to draw it out too often. Your first six withdrawals each year (1st October – 30th September) are free of charge, and £1.20 for each withdrawal thereafter.

What are you saving for? Are you saving for a significant expense? A holiday, wedding, new home? Again, take a look at your monthly budget; you may need to economise in some areas, work out how long you have got before you need the money and divide the sum you need by the number of months and set up the standing order or payroll deduction for that amount.

To check if your employer offers payroll savings, check here

If you work for an organisation within our common bond which does not offer payroll savings but you would like to use payroll deduction please contact us at

Although it may not sound like it, the Regular Saver’s Account is also the account for you if you wish to make a one-off deposit between £100 and £1,995 and so do not qualify for the Covenant Account (although we will always encourage you to add to your savings at any time).

Important Information

When you apply for an account with Churches Mutual, we ask you to provide information about yourself. This includes information about who you are, where you live, and who you bank with. This information is sent through our secure website to Transunion, an external credit reference bureau who validate the information given and provide us with a report in order to satisfy identity checks and Anti-Money Laundering legislation.

Full details of how Churches Mutual treats your personal information can be found on our Privacy Notice.

For legal reasons we cannot guarantee the dividend payable on savings in advance but do pay a small return. As we grow in size, with more members using our services, we hope to offer a bigger return on savings.

If you are happy to provide Churches Mutual with information to use in this way, please proceed to the account application page. If you are not willing to provide this information, please contact us but please be aware that we cannot open an account for you if we are unable to verify your identity.

Get in touch

For Regular Saver Enquiries please fill in the form below. Or call us on 01452 930 360

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Why Churches Mutual?

The way to build up savings through regular monthly contributions – sit back and watch your savings grow.  You can choose to make deposits into your Regular Savers’ Account in whichever way suits you best:

Bank Standing Order – a fixed amount on a fixed day sent to Churches Mutual by your bank
Payroll Deduction – a fixed amount deducted from your salary at source and sent to Churches Mutual by your employer

Rob’s Story

I have enjoyed a very positive relationship with Churches Mutual Credit Union for the last 7 years. When I joined as a regular saver, I wanted the opportunity to contribute
to an ethical organisation that shows real concern for the needs of its members. Knowing that the organisation helps people in challenging circumstances is very
important to me. The mutuality of the organisation is also instrumental for me.

Unlike other personal savings, I view the savings with Churches Mutual as part of my Giving to help Church Ministers and Church workers in financial need, rather than an

The way that the account is administered is very professional. If I need to draw out any money from my account, there has never been an issue and the money is transferred very quickly.

I would recommend Churches Mutual wholeheartedly.

Rob Cooper

Monday to Friday – 9.00am to 1.30pm

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