Community Loans

Churches Mutual could help finance a project at your local church

A community project close to your church’s heart? A community loan can help you reach your target
or provide match funding or generally give your plans the final push they need to become reality.

Is this loan for us?

Yes if you are a church or charitable organisation within Churches Mutual's common bond
Yes if the loan is to support a project, repairs or refurbishment, for which you have permission and the loan will cover the costs in full or will be match funded through grants, giving or the church's reserves.
Yes if you can demonstrate that your church or organisation will have the income or potential income to cover the repayments for the term of the loan.

Before you apply

Like all Churches Mutual Loans the Community Loan is assessed on an eligibility and affordability basis.

To be eligible to apply you will need to be a church, church project or eligible charity within our common bond but we would also expect to see that you have the relevant permissions for your project such as a faculty (in the case of Anglican churches), or any similar approval as required by your denominational governing body, and also planning permission from the local authority if necessary.

We would also expect you to be in good standing with your denominational overseers, and again if appropriate up to date with any dues as required.

To assess affordability we would need to see the last two years signed accounts and also a budget plan for the first three years of the loan. If the loan is to fund a project that is designed to produce or increase income for the church then we would need to see the business plan.

The loan application would need to have support of the church council and/or elders.

The maximum loan is £30,000 and if this is only a percentage of the funds required for the project then we would ask for evidence that the additional funds are in place or promised.

We appreciate that applying for a loan on behalf of your church or organisation is a big step so please do contact us to talk it through at any stage in the process.

Get in touch

For Community Loans Enquiries please fill in the form below. Or call us on 01452 930 360

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Eligibility Checker

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Why Churches Mutual?

Our members borrow money with us because we offer some key benefits compared with most other providers.

Competitive – compare our personal loan rate to other similar products
Manageable – affordable repayments and clear start and end dates
Convenient – repayment direct from your salary or bank
Unambiguous – our advertised rate is what we lend at

David's Story

I first joined Churches Mutual credit
union in May 2018.

I have found them to be an excellent organisation, with polite, helpful, accessible staff. I have been impressed by the way they “have gone the extra mile" to support me during difficult financial circumstances with humanity and understanding.

I was unable to obtain a loan elsewhere, but Churches Mutual took me on board and enabled the purchase of a much-needed car. Their willingness to reduce the repayments when I was unable to meet them and then gradually increase them when I could said everything about the ethical standards of this organisation.

I have already made a commitment – which I am fulfilling – to save with Churches Mutual to help support clergy or church workers who need a loan.

If you are looking for ethical, mutually supportive finance, I have no hesitation in recommending Churches Mutual.

David Standen

Monday to Friday – 9.00am to 1.30pm

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