Let me through...I'm a Methodist

It’s probably not the most obvious thing in the world, to equate a Methodist with the emergency services, but this cry was a feature of Thursday evenings in the dining room of a certain theological college in the North East of England circa 2003.

The reason for the panic? Methodist students studied, you’ve guessed it, Methodism on a Thursday evening which coming after Evening Worship left very little time to fit in supper before the lecture, especially if there had a been a particularly over enthusiastic (student) preacher or the worship/readings/prayers had been longer than usual. So the practice was that the Anglicans, Independents and various tutors, spouses and family members would take a step back in the queue to be served and allow the Methodists to go straight to the front.

On 1st July last year I was at the Methodist Conference in Birmingham to give a presentation and promote the credit union – it was a great way to spend my first official day at work, sharing my enthusiasm for all things credit union with the folk we were set up to benefit. It was good to catch up with some old friends too.

The conference is in Southport this year, and while we won’t be there in person, the credit union continues to work hard to ensure that our Methodist brothers and sisters can access the full range of services we provide – whether it is saving for a rainy day, investing a lump sum to benefit others, or a loan for a car or household item.

So to anyone in ministry, lay or ordained, local preachers or those who serve in a voluntary capacity in the Methodist Church we say, there’s no need to cry “let me through…” there’s a place at the front for you at Churches’ Mutual – your credit union.